DELFI foto Terms of Use

This Agreement is between member (from now on "User") and DELFI Ltd (from now on "Delfi").

  1. Terms
    • "DELFI foto" - service provided by Delfi in internet address
    • Service abilities to store images, share images with other Users and publicate images for everybody to see.
  2. Overview
    • DELFI foto is technical platform with abilities to store, share and publicate images.
    • Delfi does not censor images
    • Delfi is not responsible about images, comments and texts which are added to DELFI foto from other Users
    • When uploading photo / adding comment / adding text, User takes full responsibility about the content
    • It is forbidden to add images / comments / texts which are against good matters or are unappropriate. When breaking these rules, DELFI has right to delete User content
    • Content that is Against good matters or unappropriate
      • images with bad quality
      • images that someone else has intellectual rights to
      • images that are out of context
      • images that contain advertisements
      • images that are offensive
      • images that contain pornography
      • etc.
    • Reproducing, copying or distributing images is allowed only by permission of author. To use image please contact author.
  3. Registering
    • User must register to use the Service
    • By registering at Delfi Foto User agrees to receive notifications to e-mail
  4. Account
    • Accessing account is protected by username and password which every user chooses when he/she registers as a User
  5. Services
    • Using this Service is without charge
  6. Users rights and responsibilities
    • User has right to delete comments added to his/hers images
    • User agrees not to send other users messages that qualify as spam. Spam is message that is obvious that receiver of the message is not interested in it
  7. Support
  8. Validity of Terms of Usage
    • Terms of Usage activates when User registers account in DELFI and are valid until account is terminated.
    • DELFI has right to change functionality and user interface of Service without prior notice. Functionality changes are marked as delivered to user when they are deployed to DELFI foto internet address.
    • DELFI has right to change Terms of Usage without notifying User. Changes apply when they are published in Terms of Usage page in DELFI foto internet address or are sent to Users e-mail address. When User does not agree to new Terms then he/she must stop using the Service.