How to become a user?

Before adding images you have to register as a user. For that click the link "register". Please fill out registration form and insert confirmation code that you see on the picture. We will send you confirmation e-mail and directions on how to start using photo service. When we have sent you confirmation code then please insert it in form. Now you can use all of our services.

How to upload images?

In front page choose menu object "My albums" and from there "Add images" or "Add album". When adding album you can decide if album is public or private.

Can I remove my picture from your site?

Of course you can! For that you have to log in, navigate to the image you want to delete and on the right side menu (when in edit mode) there are image manipulation buttons.

Someone is using my data or image!

Please send complaint to

I see unsuitable image!

Please send complaint to

I forgot my password, what can I do?

When you are not logged in then there is link "Forgot password" under login screen. Click there, enter your e-mail address and code we have added and we will send you password reminder by e-mail.

How can I report a problem?

Please send e-mail to

How to create an e-card?

  1. Log in to Delfi Image. When you are not an user then please register as one;
  2. Upload your image(s)
  3. Under your every image there is link "Send this image as e-card". Clicking on that link your image becomes e-card.
  4. Add text to card. NB! Text apperas on card as you type :-)
  5. Write contacts of card recipient
  6. Set date when you want the card to be sent
  7. Send it!

NB! You can send only images uploaded by you as an e-card.